Endpoint Detection Tools

Izentis LLC designs custom tools for detecting endpoint of etches on reactive and deep reactive-ion etch tools. We currently offer a camera system to visually determine when etches finishes for features ∼100 μm. When a deep etch in silicon hits a buried SiO2 the color changes from a silver-like color to a bright green or red depending on the thickness. This can be observed by eye on many etch tools via top windows. We have developed a camera and lens imaging system that allows for clear observations of the etches and users can end the etches when they fully clear. The camera can be outputted to a standard computer monitor or a large flat panel display. See the media page for a video of an endpoint tool and contact us for more information and quotes.

We are currently developing an endpoint tool to determine endpoints of much finer etches, ∼0.1-5 μm. Please check back and we will update the webpage when they are available.

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