Izentis is a company transforming society and business via technology and problem solving. We partner with customers to serve their needs, and we are excited to take on new problems. Our company philosophy is flexibility and we adapt to new challenges. We are a research and development firm and we are happy to publish for our customers, or alternatively keep the work secret to protect sensitive information and intellectual property.

We have a variety of current projects and are looking forward to solving new problems for our customers. Past projects include innovative rocket technology aimed at improving propellant efficiency via power beaming energy from the ground. This technology could significantly reduce launch costs to space, radically changing how society and business utilize space. We have also developed a variety of nanofabrication technologies to make high-efficiency diffraction gratings for x-ray spectrometers on space telescopes. These gratings will give future astronomers better tools to study high energy sources such as neutron stars and black holes.


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